Josef Stark Scholarship Foundation Award 2008 is open until Jan 25th 2008. 

In remembrance of  Dr. Josef Stark, president of SICAMM 1996 - 2004

On March 1st 2004 the bee keeping world lost one of its most eminent researchers and conservationists, with the death of Dr Josef Stark. Those present at the 1998 joint BIBBA/SICAMM conference in York, or the 1999 conference at Kirkley Hall will remember his fascinating accounts of restoring wildflower meadows through the agency of honeybees and cattle and his pioneering uses of honeybees as monitors of environmental pollution.
It was Josef's bees passing Geiger counters at their hive entrances that alerted the world to the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
Do you wish to honour the memory of Dr. Josef Stark?

To commemorate his life's work a Trust Fund is established for the benefit of worthy young man and woman who have furthered the development of beekeeping and the conservation of the Dark European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) in a spirit of which Josef would have approved of.
In accordance with his imaginative and generous approach, the board will give priority to candidates' achievements and character, as distinct from formal academic qualifications.

The award will be assigned annually by an international board of trustees.

Send your suggestion before April 25th 2009

Secretary of Josef Stark Scholarship Foundation

Christina Stark, Dalby, Nibble gård 75591 Uppsala, Sweden.


Any contribution toward this fund would be greatly appreciated.
Please visit homepage for account number to Bank
or contact Dorian Pritchard, president of Sicamm or Christina Stark.

 Bo W Malmgren, ordf i Josef Stark Scholarship Foundation.

In memory of Dr Josef A. Stark.
The Josef Stark Award 2005 was given to Richard Jefferson from UK at Apimondia Congress 2005 in Ireland    

from right Professor Octaaf Van Laere, Belgium, chairman of the symposia Irish Dark Bee,  Dr Katarina Stark, Uppsala, Sweden who handled over the Award, Richard Jefferson, Whitby, UK and Eimear Burton, Ireland,  chairman of Irish Beekeepers Association.


BIBBA wishes to propose Richard Jefferson who is 18 years of age and is known to us as a quite unassuming young man.
He has been well known to the Yorkshire Beekeepers for some years as his Grandfather who is an Ex President of the Yorkshire Beekeeper's Association has been taking Richard to meetings and teaching him beekeeping since he was very small. Richard passed his Basic Beekeeping Examination when he was 14. He has carried out tasks such as making nuclei for re-queening, shook swarm preparation, taken colonies to heather and extracted honey crops. He has given demonstrations in bee's wax preparation and in the making of candles.
Richard has now taken his Advanced Education Examinations in Electronics, Mathematics, Physics and Business Studies and awaits the results in August.
He is at present in full time employment with an Electrical Engineer in his home town of Whitby, but there will not be a problem if he is successful in obtaining this award. He will be going to Apimondia with his Grandfather from the Sunday until the following Friday.
                                                                    /Tom Robinson/

 Bo W Malmgren, chairman in Josef Starks Stipendiestiftelse.

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Asger S
øgaard Jørgensen, President
SICAMM, Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione  Apis
melliferae melliferae
Nils Drivdal, Norway, secretary , Dorian Pritchard, UK, chairman
Tom Robinson, Albert Knight, Bob Hirst, Stuart Johnson, Ken Barran
Galtee Bee Breeding Group
Micheal Mac Giolla Coda
NorthBee Society, Sweden
Per Ideström, chairman
Ingvar Arvidsson, project leader  
SBR - Swedish Beekeepers Association
Nils-Erik Persson, chairman, Erik Österlund, editor

Čebelarsko Društvo dr. Jožef Starc, Metlika, Slovenia
Bee Institute, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Slovenian Beekeepers Association

Mie University Faculty of Bioresourses,, Japan, Masanao Umebayashi, professor

Laboratory of Entomology
Makoto Matsuura, professor
Swedish Beekeepers
at the Swedish Home Guard, the Royal Palace in Stockholm 
Bosse Malmgren, webmaster SICAMM / STARK.ST.

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